Secret Seduction Shower Gel

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Secret Seduction Shower Gel:

  • Should replace your regular Soap/Cleanser
  • Contains none of the regular TOXICITY virtually all regular soaps/shower gels contain that actually wash away your Pheromones (making you less attractive to women)
  • Is infused with the same Pheromones that are in Secret Seduction Spray (meaning: every time you step out of the shower, you’ll be stepping out MORE ATTRACTIVE than when you went in – because you’ll have given your Pheromones a welcome boost)

Since I started using Secret Seduction Shower Gel my girlfriend is ‘jumping me’ more often than not, almost every time she hears me getting out of the shower! She can’t get enough of me when I’ve washed using it! This stuff works.
My current routine is:

  • Use Secret Seduction Shower Gel in the morning (usually after my morning shower)
  • Use Secret Seduction Spray in the afternoons

The result?
I’m enjoying more ATTENTION from women than ever before, and my woman can’t get enough of me.
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And, we’ll talk soon…
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For men who want to be more ATTRACTIVE to women – Secret Seduction Shower Gel is a ‘no-brainer’ – this page explains exactly why