Hydration Pop

The future is here and the future is frozen. Our top-secret formulation of frozen hydration popsicles allows for instant Hydration pop. You no longer have To wait The 20 minutes like all other product.

EnergIce is caffeine, stimulant and gluten free.
​EnergIce’s isotonic blend instantly hydrates the body, speeding recovery.
​Recovery: packed with sodium and potassium.
​Energy derives from highly concentrated B vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12)
​EnergIce’s 2 oz. pop = 13 oz. of fluid replacement; it’s not filling.
​EnergIce’s frozen hydration comes from electrolytes.
​EnergIce cools core body temperature.
​Reduces exhaustion, heat exhaustion and risk of stroke. Prevents dehydration performance drops.
​ ​EnergIce provides electrolytes needed when the body is most deprived.
EnergIce produces a positive feeling of energy.
​EnergIce bar is only 30 calories.
​EnergIce is certified for sport by NSF.

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