How To Lose Manboobs Naturally

The Three Biggest Man Boob Mistakes

The same time YOU started to grow taller, grow spots and get a deeper voice, the girls in your class
started to grow wide hips and hot boobs – you couldn’t take your eyes off ’em!
If you paid attention in biology class and weren’t too busy salivating over your teacher’s boobs, you
probably know that these changes are bought about almost entirely by estrogen in girls and
testosterone in boys (sadly, my biology teacher was male, so I paid attention).
An increase in the male sex hormone testosterone during puberty in boys, among other changes,
makes them grow body hair and muscles.
An increase in the female sex hormone estrogen in girls makes them grow breasts and start their
A lot of boys also grow breasts during puberty, because for anything between a few months and a
couple of years, estrogen levels in boys rise more than testosterone. Usually the testosterone catches
up and those pubertal breasts go away all on their own.
Thank GOD boys don’t get periods though, that would get complicated.
Also, did you know that male-to-female transgender folk use estrogen pills, gels, patches and tablets
to grow breasts on purpose?
And of course, we all know that modern bodybuilders use testosterone injections, pills and
supplements to build humongous muscles that you could never build naturally.
So that’s the power of hormones. Your body uses hormones as chemical messengers to determine the
way you look.
It’s your body’s hormones that decide how fat you are, and your hormones that decide whether or
not you have man boobs. When you take control of your hormones, you take control of your
appearance. With your hormones in check, YOU get to decide how you look – how much muscle you
have, how much fat you have, whether or not you have man boobs.
The Two Most Important Hormones For Losing Man Boobs
The main hormones involved in growing and losing man boobs are estrogen and testosterone.
Everything else works by modifying the levels of these two key hormones.
You may have heard people talk about the “estrogen to testosterone” ratio (E:T ratio). A high E:T
ratio means you have high estrogen and/or low testosterone. A high E:T ratio signals your body to
grow breasts. As I mentioned earlier, transsexual men use estrogen to increase their E:T ratio.

With the right regime you don’t have to spend hours in the gym, heck you don’t even have to train
every day. All you really need is a few minutes of training every other day or even as little as three
days a week. Rather than treat your body like a car burning fuel with the calories in calories out
model, you can treat it like a programmable computer. You set the program using a few minutes of
intense exercise, and then relax while your hormones instruct your body to transform itself while
you rest or get on with your day.
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