21 Days To Fabulous Fit Mum Plan

Lose weight tone up and have more energy without the stress of decision making.

Designed with busy, tired, frustrated mums in mind no hunger! no sugar cravings.

Your coach

Pollyanna Hale

I’m Pollyanna, Mum of two girls, weight loss coach and founder of the award winning The Fit Mum Formula.

I specialise in helping Mums like you lose weight, tone up, and have more energy that you thought possible since…..well having kids!

I’m especially good at helping you overcome Mum-specific problems like no time, energy, having to put everyone else first, and of course not enough sleep!

I’ll show you how you can eat well and exercise no matter how tired or busy you are – I do it every day and I’ll show you how you can too.

Stop Reading & Start DOING!

Mums, it’s time to get your confidence and energy back, feel great when you look in the mirror and feel ‘like your old self‘ again.

The BodyBack programme is designed for frustrated, time poor, and exhausted Mums like you. Temporary diets aren’t sustainable so that’s why I’ll be supporting you to create effective changes that are sustainable for life. I’ll be there to give you motivation and encouragement, with personal direct support, whenever you need it.

All I ask is that you only apply if you want permanent change not a temporary fix, as starvation and hours on the treadmill are not realistic methods. Book online today and I promise that if you stick with the programme for the minimum 3 months I need you to commit to, you will see results and feel fantastic.

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